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About Hatha Yoga Asanas

Hatha Yoga Asanas: Pocket Guide for Personal Practice is a book published January 2012 by Human Kinetics.

Hatha Yoga Asanas is a user friendly guide to over 150 of the most popular asanas (poses) practiced by many styles of hatha yoga from gentle to ashtanga vinyasa.

Asanas are arranged in alphabetical order by their English name. Each asana includes the Sanskrit name, difficulty level on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the easiest and 10 the most difficult, starting position, brief step-by-step instructions, and a full color photo.

Also included is a sun salutation for a home vinyasa (flow) routine.

This website expands on the information in the book. You will find information about yoga, hatha yoga, the asanas, asana practice, yogic breathing, meditation, and the mental and physical benefits of yoga and hatha yoga.

There are many myths and misunderstandings about yoga. We hope this website will dispel many of them. Western medicine is being to acknowledge, by accepted published clinical trials, the numerous health benefits of yoga. Yoga has helped people increase their balance and flexibility, reduce pain and in some cases reduce the amount and number of prescription medications required to control chronic medical conditions that are pervasive in western society.

Unlike many other physical activities, hatha yoga does not require a large investment in time or money. A carpeted floor or mat, simple props like a belt or block, and clothing that is not too loose or tight is all one needs.

Daniel DiTuro

Daniel DiTuro is a published author, photographer, and videographer, and owner of DiTuro Productions, LLC. He coauthored and photographed Hatha Yoga Illustrated one of the best selling yoga books in the United States and currently available in six foreign languages.

Daniel began practicing hatha yoga in 1999 following a recurrent shoulder injuries requiring medical attention to restore motion and reduce pain. He enrolling in a gentle hatha yoga practice quickly increased his overall flexibility. Daniel has had no serious shoulder problems since than and attributes it to hatha yoga.

His YouTube Channel has short videos about yoga, diet, exercise and nutrition.

Ingrid Yang

Ingrid Yang embarked on her yoga journey in 1999 in New York City, where she studied directly with David Life at Jivamukti Yoga Center and Cyndi Lee at OM Yoga Center. She is founder of Blue Point Yoga Center in Durham, North Carolina, and teaches a variety of yoga disciplines, including vinyasa, restorative, yin, and cancer therapy. She leads teacher trainings and workshops in the United States, Australia, and Asia.

Ingrid earned her law degree at Duke University and obtained her doctor of medicine degree focusing on anatomy and physiatry at Rush University Medical College in Chicago, Illinois.


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